Idol Monkey | COP18 Doha Climate Change Conference
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COP18 Doha Climate Change Conference

On the 28th November, Qatar hosted the 18th UN Climate Change Summit, known as COP18/CMP8. The event was widely recognised as the largest conference to take place in Qatar’s history. In November, I joined WRG’s existing design team to help brand and implement the graphic execution of the event.

With 16,000 participants, 96 hotels, 425 branded buses, 40,000 square meters of conference space – WRG had just eight weeks to deliver the entire experience. The event itself lasted two weeks and the COP18/ CMP8’s negotiations ended on Saturday 8th December after a marathon 36-hour-final session at the end of the fortnight of talks. As well as several other key achievements.Negotiations at COP18/CMP8 ended with a second commitment period for the Kyoto Protocol, extending it for another eight years.

Design, Experience